Our Studio
Experts in community engagement and digital experimentation, our Studio hums with artful activity where we continuously push the envelope of what is creatively and technically possible. We often run event adventures into interactive arts and music, and work with talented pioneers riding the razor’s edge of emerging inventiveness in the digital arts.


Meet the Shufflers!
Tony is a pioneering Installation Artist, Creative Director and experiential branding expert. With over 20 years professional experience in the fields of audio-visual production, CGI, graphic design, sound design and art direction, Tony's proprietary multi-media technologies, production processes and project management expertise enables him to deliver large scale, world-class audio-visual spectacles for commercial, corporate and cultural events. Tony is a world-class architectural video mapping pioneer developing his own proprietary technologies. In the past decade, he has brought to life some of Sydney's most iconic buildings and structures, providing high impact audiovisual event activations for blue-chip brands including Google, Citibank, PWC, LG, City of Sydney 2030 amongst others.
László Kiss is a creative technologist, artist, and designer. He was born in Hungary, studied creative music technology in the Uk and now lives and works in Sydney. He has been creating interactive work professionally and through personal artistic practice since 2009. He’s been involved in countless projects ranging from theatre productions through experiential activations, to interactive projection art.
MI-WALLET by Domingo Morchio was born under one concept. Create a product to make people think about design. The main idea is to show how we can create things re-using existing materials. Each unique paper wallet is made of a single folded sheet of newspaper, carefully selected for the image on the front and laminated for strength. The whole process is hand-made using recycled paper.

‘‘Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.’'
Helen Steele is a creative painter specialized in colour combinations and landscape. She is passionate about the environment, always getting inspired by nature. She did work for Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, an animation studio known for creating a wide variety of popular animated characters and throughout 30 years, it produced a succession of cartoon shows
With almost 20 years of experience in graphic design and illustration. Kenneth is a story teller, he expresses his feelings towards people and their stories behind them as well as the way he sees the world through colours, strokes and layouts. Ken develops his paintings using various materials that speak to both himself on a personal level and to his viewers about the beauty and characteristic that exists.
Naked Ninja is a recently formed experimental audio-visual project, implementing soundscapes, lavish piano arrangements, deep analogue basslines, with a twist of Afro-Latin rhythms and complex sequencing. Naked Ninja fusion project is created by Multimedia Artist and Audio-Visual Producer Tony Funiciello (Aureal), who is director and founder of Shuffle Studios. Bass Player/Composer Patricia Berlioz, who has been playing bass guitar and creating original tunes for a variety of bands in the past 15 years. Her most recent work was with Travelaz Reggae Band, where she acted as creative director. Recently, Tony and Pat have joined forces with Yakup Kıdam Graduated Classical Piano Player, from the Music of Fine Arts Faculty / Erciyes University of Turkey.
The Creative Space offers you a platform to develop professionally in your field, with co-working studio/desks and medium size studios, fast optical internet NBN, meeting rooms outdoors and indoors, 2 lounge areas, tool room, photography studio, workshop ready area, plenty of parking, and 2 min walk to Westfield Mall. 

It's a great space to have your own studio and run your business or hobby or just to give some air to your home office for a couple days per week while you work in a creative environment within a relaxed and productive atmosphere.

Get in touch with us to enquire about available spaces and rates.