Energizer Xmas Activation

The most important time for any battery-making company is before Christmas. Kids want to have remote controlled cars and talking ponies for Christmas so parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties fight over them in the toy stores. But of course, those toys don't work without batteries and most of the time batteries are not included, so they have to buy batteries. But which one? They are all the same. Unless there is one that is more than just a battery. It's a battery that powers Christmas joy.


We once again joint forces with S1T2 to create a travelling Christmas activation. The game was exhibited in multiple Westfield shopping centres around New South Wales in the time leading up to Christmas. It was most popular with children aged 3 - 12 accompanied by adults. The game raised awareness of the brand where it matters most, where most of the Christmas shopping happens. We don't know the exact numbers, but hundreds of kids played the game and the organic social media reach was also phenomenal.


Experiential Activation / Creative Direction / Game Design / Sound Design