eBay Innovation Lab

With the rapid change and growth of the consumer electronics market to predict what people will be shopping for online in the future.  In order to predict the future, eBay decided to set up a shopping experiment. They built a dome at one of the most popular destinations in Sydney, Darling Harbour, and filled it with the newest gadgets. Our task was to measure which products and how long the shoppers are looking at any given time. We've joint forces with our friends at S1T1 to tackle this challenge.


We created special 3D printed futuristic headwear and using computer vision technology with a 12 camera setup we were able to tell who is looking at what and where in the eBay Innovation Lab. This data was successfully combined with the data harvested by S1T2's Bluetooth Beacon and phone setup. Do you remember hovercrafts? Yeah, we knew they will be next craze way before they were banned.


3D Printing / Computer Vision / Position Tracking / Gaze Measurement / Data Analysis